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20-21 June 2015
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CHEBOKSARY is the CAPITAL of the CHUVASH REPUBLIC, an old city on the Volga river, with 545-year history. It was first mentioned in the chronicles in the year of 1469.

The Chuvash people call their capital SHUPASHKAR that means "the Shupash Fortress". As the legend runs, "Old Shupash and his grandson came to a water spring to take some water and were so impressed by the beauty of the place that they stayed there forever".

There are a lot of sights in the city, some from the old days and some recent ones. An artificial bay with fountains, magnificent night illumination and beautiful bridges that connect all the seven hills have been constructed in the very heart of the city.

DEAR VISITORS, one of the best cities in the world offers fascinating simplicity and hospitality, purity and friendliness to you!

Cheboksary Bay

The city of Cheboksary has an unusual “personality”: the city has the shape of an open fan, like an eagle that spread the wings with splendid feathers, and on these “wings” new modern districts are constantly being built.

Cheboksary is a pearl of Russia

The capital is constantly developing! Nowadays it is a wonderful city, where both the past and the present with their original monuments and museums are equally interesting.

City Centre

The city managed to keep the charm of old times and is one of the capitals with unique individuality and beautiful image.


City Population: 459,500.

Area: 25,008 hectares.

Distance from neighbor major cities:

  • Moscow - 661km
  • Kazan - 181km
  • Nizhniy Novgorod - 247km
  • Ulyanovsk - 244km
  • Yoshkar-Ola - 93km

The city of Cheboksary is open to all the winds and the air in Cheboksary os very clean and full of scents of coniferous forests, flower meadows, sun-warmed sand an clean river water.

The Volga is the largest river in Europe and on of the most beautiful. In the Chivash language this river is called Tavan Atal which means «native Volga».

The river has always been very important for the city and the region: it pro dives clean water for people and fields and gardens, brigns fresh breeze on hot days, serves as waterway for goods delivery and export.

European Athletics Team Championships
20-21 June 2015